Asociaţia Studenţilor şi Rezidenţilor în Medicină


ASRM-624x462Association of Medical Students and Residents

Being a student at the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” is to realize that pounding footsteps of prominent people, means to assume some responsibilities and noble purposes, is to demonstrate that you are mature enough give constructive ideas and make important decisions.
Students and Residents Association in Medicine (ASRM) which this year celebrates 15 years of activity, is a proof that students Medical University “Nicolae Testemitanu” may be aware, responsible and mature enough in their actions.
Underlying Basis Students and Residents Association in Medicine (ASRM) is the Student Trade Union Committee of the University, founded in 1946, and then on 9 November 1999 following a collaboration between student organizations Medical University “Nicolae Testemitanu” (Student Trade Union Committee, League medical students Association medical students) and Rector was founded in Medicine Residents and students Association, the organization that opened and approved at the first conference of 8 December 1999 ASRM.
In 2004 took place the second conference of the ASRM, where she was elected a new leadership of the organization headed by Mr. Sergiu Berliba. In December 2009 took place III ASRM conference during which joined the ASRM and other oranizaţii student unifying all in the Association of Medical Students and Residents stronger than ever, where each student can be found . The current president of the organization, Marcel Abraș, Assistant Professor, Department of Cardiology aims to come to greet the real needs of students Medical University “Nicolae Testemitanu” variety this year as evidence of increased activity directions.
ASRM’s members remain to be a group of young enthusiasts, full of ideas and forces, ready to give up what little free time that we offer our university curriculum to bring something new and interesting, but also useful in student life Medical University “Nicolae Testemitanu”.
Although the ASRM all are welcomed as equals, there is still a well established hierarchical organization with its own organs “legislative” and “executive”. So Students and Residents Association activity is provided in Medicine 9 functional lines meet in three main areas of activity:


  1. Department of projects
  2. Department of foreign relations
  3. Department of IT and MassMedia
  4. Department of culture
  5. Department social
  6. Department of living
  7. Department of sports
  8. Department of sciences
  9. Department of studies,


Chairman ASRM

First Vice-President


Responsible for faculty of dentistry

  Vice-president    Vice-president  

Responsible for faculty of pharmacy

Direcţia Ştiinţe

Direcţia Cultură

Direcţia Social

Direcţia Studii

Direcţia TI şi Mass Media

Direcţia Proiecte

Direcţia RE

Direcţia Trai

Direcţia Sport

Asociaţia Studenţilor şi Rezidenţilor se prezintă ca o expresie a voinţei şi doleanţelor studenţilor USMF „Nicolae Testemiţanu”, care în fiecare an de activitate îşi dă toată străduinţa pentru a proteja drepturile studenţilor USMF şi a da viaţă ideilor lor.

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